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Gil - (taken by wife Liz, in Cuba, Aug 2005)

My name is Gil Dionne, and I drive Bus 17 for the Chignecto-Central Regional School Board. My general operating area extends from Glenholme, NS into Truro, NS.


strap on floor

Some children's clothing and backpacks have drawstrings or straps that can reach the floor when they descend stairs or the bus steps (see photo). Students like to hang keychains and other toys from their packs. These dangling objects can get caught on seat supports or can be stepped on by other students when entering or exiting the bus. A student behind them can step on one of these dangling objects and cause both students to trip and fall.

To prevent an injury, remove the hazard if possible, or at least shorten the string or strap by tying it in knots until it is no longer capable of reaching the floor. Cutting may cause the strap to fray, but dipping the cut end in glue may help seal the end.

I will continue to notify affected students to get parental help to eliminate this hazard.

What's New

Sorry that the site has not been updated for some time.
Both of my eyes needed surgery, and the waiting list was long. The final procedure was done in April, and the Ophthamologist has cleared me to return to work.

Rather than return to my old route, Bus #54, I was asked to take over the Bus #17 route after the regular driver, Barry Beal, retired.

The site has been revamped to reflect this change.

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